Lunch box Inspiration

Lunch box Inspiration

Lunch box inspiration

Looking for some lunch box Inspiration for the Back to School season? Look no further, Costcutter is here to help with some lunch box tips.

It can be hard to fall back into routine and to help you make the lunch box decision, take a look at out top lunch box tips.

  1. Avoid food that need help opening
  2. Don’t pack the same thing everyday – variety is the spice of life
  3. Avoid smelly food – for example blue cheese
  4. Pre peel oranges and chop fruit
  5. Vary the bread – try wraps, rolls and bagels to keep your kids interested
  6. Best to choose fresh or tinned fruit. Dried fruit is sticky and high in sugar
  7. Chop up some veg and pair with a tasty and healthy dips

Different ages – Different tastes

As your child grows, so do their taste and their nutritional needs.

Lunch box smallies

Smallies Ages 4 – 6

For your little one just starting school it can all seem daunting. It is essential they get their 5 a day but can be difficult to add to the lunch box without a few complaints.

This routine is all new so try introducing new and healthy snacks slowly and among familiar items.

Lunch box  primary school

Primary School Ages 7 – 12

At this age your child knows what they like but you must ensure they are getting at least two portions of Fruit/Veg.

Try getting them involved in the preparation of their lunches, bring them shopping and have them make their own lunches. This creates a sense of independence and allows them to learn more about their own nutrition.

Lunch box  teens

Teens Ages 13 – 18

Your growing child needs plenty of calcium and protein to keep the hunger at bay during the long days.

Vary your sources of protein and try adding healthy nuts and seeds for mid day snacks. Stock up on tasty and healthy treats to avoid them resorting to the tuck shop.

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