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Riverview Eggs

Riverview Eggs are a family-run business based in Watergrasshill, County Cork for our Costcutter Eggs. Since 1966, Dan Joe & Margaret Kelleher, along with their son D.J, have built a successful egg production company that continues to thrive. They provide employment for 24 people locally and an additional 40 jobs nationwide.

Riverview’s commitment to product quality is exceptional, with all eggs meeting the stringent standards set by Bord Bia SEAS and BRC. Their dedication extends beyond their business, as they actively support local charities like SVP Cork, Cork Penny Dinners and Cork Simon Community.

As proud members of the Origin Green – Sustainability Initiative, Riverview is devoted to sustainable food production. By choosing our Costcutter Eggs, you not only enjoy delicious eggs but also support a caring family business, local employment, and meaningful community initiatives.

D.J Kelleher, Riverview Eggs
Shane & Peter Divilly, Divilly Brothers

Divilly Brothers

Divilly Brothers, an Irish family business rooted in genuine family values, proudly displays their name on their packaging, embodying their personal responsibility and unwavering commitment to upholding these values. This authenticity sets them apart from the competition.

With a heritage that spans nine decades in Galway, the Divilly brand carries a rich legacy. In 2022, Peter and Shane Divilly took over the family business from their father, Brian, who had successfully guided it for fifty years, following in the footsteps of their grandfather. Now in its third generation, the company operates from a purpose-built Department of Agriculture approved plant on the outskirts of Galway City, located in the Gaeltacht.

Employing over sixty people, Divilly Brothers reflects their roots and dedication to the local community through the Irish language featured on their packaging. Their commitment to long-term relationships is shown by the many employees who have been with the company for decades, considered part of the extended family. Going the extra mile for colleagues and suppliers is a testament to the brothers’ values.

During their early years, Shane and Peter sharpened their skills in slow cooking, blending cures, steaming, crumbing, and creating a range of delectable products, such as sausages, puddings, turkey slices, ham, and bacon. Armed with their comprehensive understanding of the trade, they now confidently steer the company towards new horizons.

Griffin's Potatoes

Griffin’s Potatoes Limited has been a family-owned farm since 1944, spanning three generations of the Griffin family. With Jim Griffin at the helm as Managing Director and his son John overseeing day-to-day operations, the farm operates seamlessly to ensure its success.

Situated just outside Carrigaline in Co. Cork, Griffin’s farm stretches across approximately 200 acres of fertile land in South and East Cork. Their commitment to responsible farming practices is evident in their accreditation with the prestigious Bord Bia Sustainable Horticulture Assurance Scheme (SHAS), showcasing their dedication to sustainable agriculture.

The farm thrives with the support of a dedicated team of eight full-time employees, each playing a crucial role in maintaining the farm’s impeccable standards. Their combined skills and expertise contribute to the farm’s success and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Griffin’s Potatoes Limited cultivates and packs five distinct varieties of potatoes for Costcutter stores throughout the country, providing a convenient and delicious option for Irish communities.

Jim & John Griffin, Griffins Potatoes
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Joe Barry, North Cork Creameries
Con O'Sullivan, North Cork Creameries
Maried Lucey, North Cork Creameries

North Cork Creameries

Ór-Real Irish Butter wholeheartedly celebrate the value of supporting local. At the heart of their butter-making process lie generations of dedicated farmers from North Cork Creameries, individuals whose families have supplied the finest milk for generations.

Among these farming families, Joe Barry stands as a fourth-generation farmer with over two decades of experience. For more than half a century, his family has been a cherished supplier of milk from certified grass-fed cows to North Cork Creameries. Joe’s commitment extends beyond tradition; he is an ardent advocate for sustainable farming practices, implementing innovations like water harvesting and maintaining beehives to foster biodiversity on his farm.

Con O’Sullivan, a second-generation farmer based in Kanturk, Co. Cork, epitomizes the genuine love for dairy farming. His dedication to the welfare and well-being of his herd is the driving force that greets him every morning.

Mairead Lucey, representing the third generation of her family’s farming legacy in Corbally, Kanturk, carries forward a tradition that dates back to 1928. Her family has consistently supplied high-quality milk to North Cork Creameries. Mairead’s commitment is reflected in her sustainable initiatives, including the establishment of hedgerows to provide wildlife habitats, responsible waterways management, and modern nutrient management practices on the farm.

Every indulgent bite of Ór-Real Irish Butter pays homage to the timeless traditions and unwavering dedication of these remarkable farming families. Their enduring commitment ensures that every creamy, buttery spread is as reliably delicious as it has always been.

Cotter Farm Oats

Billy and Bernard Cotter, local farmers near Castletownroche in North Cork, have recently ventured into oats due to their recognized health benefits and as a wholesome grain choice.

They’ve transformed a farm building into a fully operational mill, with the help of their children, and imported milling equipment from China, successfully assembling it themselves. They now cultivate gluten-free oats on their farm, using them to create Cotter Farm Gluten-Free Porridge. This is very much a family-driven project, with the support of volunteers, all committed to delivering a top-quality product.

The Cotters prioritize quality, as reflected in their achievement of necessary licenses and certifications, ensuring that their product meets stringent standards. They’ve been audited and certified by the Association of European Coeliac Societies, allowing them to use the cross-grain symbol on their packaging.

They look forward to expanding their reach and providing their gluten-free porridge to a wider audience

Billy & Bernard Cotter, Cotter Farm Oats
Hodgins Sausages
Mervin Hodgins, Hodgins Sausages

Hodgins Sausages

For the past 30 years, Hodgins Sausages has been crafting delicious Irish pork sausages using a time-honoured family recipe. Mervin Hodgins, founder, was originally a butcher, and such was the demand for his traditional pork sausages that he set up a dedicated facility in Mitchelstown, producing his famous sausages, black pudding and white pudding. Hodgins Sausages also produce a gluten free range.

Hodgins Sausages remains a family-run business and has won awards for their outstanding quality produce, including the Great Taste Awards and Blas Na h-Eireann.

The Hodgins Sausages range is available nationwide, including through selected Costcutter Stores

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