Costcutter Carnew, South Wicklow

Candy’s Costcutter: A Haven for Stranded Students in South Wicklow

In South Wicklow, Candy’s Costcutter in Carnew is making a heartwarming gesture by offering its premises as a refuge for students who find themselves without a ride home as the evenings grow darker. Candy’s Costcutter, known for its commitment to the community, recently used social media to convey its generous offer. They make it clear that students who need a safe place to wait can find solace within their premises, complete with a warm beverage, phone access, and a friendly, dry, and secure environment.

Michael Kelly, representing Candy’s, empathizes with the challenges students face, sharing instances where they’ve offered hot chocolate to students waiting in the cold. He understands the demands on parents and the importance of ensuring children are safe and comfortable.

Candy’s Costcutter is committed to ensuring that no child is left out in the cold, particularly during the dark and wet evenings of winter. Their message to the community is clear: “Your children are always welcome here, whether they’re waiting for a ride, can’t reach anyone, or just need a place to relax.”

Candy’s Costcutter is not just a service station; it’s a pillar of the community. In cases where they can’t provide a ride home, their staff is ready to ensure every child’s safety through local contacts.

This warm and welcoming space is open to students from any school, providing a comfortable environment for waiting or even tackling homework on quiet afternoons.

Candy’s Costcutter’s initiative is a heartwarming example of community support, especially during the challenging winter months. Their welcoming and secure space ensures that no student has to endure the elements alone. It’s a testament to the true meaning of community, where a service station becomes a sanctuary for those in need

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