Shays Costcutter Dublin

Celebrating 21 Years in Business, 2000-2021

Costcutter Ireland is celebrating 21 years in business this year. To celebrate, we have put together some of our key moments from the past 21 years.

A Milestone Beginning: The First Store in 2000

Costcutter Ireland proudly marks 21 years in business this year. Our journey began in 2000 with the first store established by parent company Barry Group – Shay Doherty’s Costcutter in Whitehall, Dublin. Remarkably, by the end of that year, the Costcutter family had grown to 22 stores nationwide.

Shays Costcutter Dublin

A Commitment to Local: Supporting Irish Produce

One of our core values is our support for Irish and local produce. Over the years, we have consistently fostered a strong commitment to small Irish suppliers, providing quality Irish food. Our network includes some of Ireland’s most renowned suppliers, as well as exclusive partnerships with smaller, local vendors across the country.

Supporting Fresh Local & Irish Produce

Creating Opportunities: Job Creation Across Ireland

Our expansion to over 100 stores across Ireland signifies more than just business growth; it represents thousands of jobs created. From bustling cities to quaint rural towns, Costcutter stores are staffed by friendly, hardworking individuals. These team members are the heart of the Costcutter brand, meeting local needs and adding a personal touch to our services.

Costcutter Carna, Galway

Ensuring Quality: Delivering Fresh and High-Quality Products

At Costcutter, we prioritize freshness and quality. Our fleet of distribution trucks operates day and night, ensuring each Costcutter store is stocked with the freshest products. Maintaining food safety and quality standards is a top priority, and our retailers take great pride in this commitment.

About Costcutter Ireland

Rooted in the Community: Making a Difference Locally

Being a part of local communities is a source of pride for Costcutter Ireland. We actively support local clubs and engage in community activities. Our commitment to creating a positive impact is evident in every community we serve.

Proud to be local, supporting local clubs

Adapting to Change: Evolving with Customer Needs

As customer needs have evolved, so have we. Costcutter Ireland has adapted over the years, offering convenient shopping solutions across the country. Our stores provide everything customers need, emphasizing value for money.


Expansion and Prosperity: Over 100 Stores Nationwide

The growth of Costcutter Ireland is a testament to our dedication and commitment. Now with over 100 stores, each independently owned and operated by local entrepreneurs, we offer a great range of products at excellent prices.

Giving Back: Fundraising for Irish Charities

Throughout our 21 years in business, Costcutter has been actively involved in fundraising for various Irish charities, including The Irish Cancer Society, Crumlin Children’s Hospital, and the Irish Society for Autism. We are committed to continuing this support, helping and contributing to these organizations in the years ahead.

Selection of Charities Costcutter has worked with
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