Celebrating 21 Years in Business in Ireland
2000 -2021

Beginning in 2000

The first Costcutter established by parent company Barry Group opened in 2000. This was Shay Doherty’s Costcutter in Whitehall, Dublin. By the end of that year there was 22 established Costcutter stores across the country.

Supporting Local and Irish Produce

Costcutter supports local and Irish produce. We’re proud of our long standing commitment to supporting small Irish suppliers of quality Irish food. We have long standing relationships with some of Ireland’s best and well known suppliers but have also built exclusive connections with smaller, local suppliers all across the county.

Creation of Jobs

With over 100 stores across Ireland Costcutter has created thousands of jobs over the past 21 years. From large cities to small rural towns our stores are full of friendly and hard working staff which gives the Costcutter brand its distinctive personality. We are proud to have help us to be at the heart of the community meeting the needs of the local people. 

Delivering Fresh, High Quality Products

Costcutter ensure to have the freshest, highest quality products available in store every day for our customers. Our fleet of distribution trucks work day and night to deliver to every Costcutter store across the country all while ensuring all goods are handled with care and kept at a controlled temperature. Our retailers take pride in the food safety and quality standards maintained in their stores. 

Costcutter truck on motor way

Proud to be Part of so Many Local Communities

Costcutter is proud to be local and proud to be at the heart of so many local communities, supporting local clubs and getting involved with their communities wherever they can. We are committed to making a real difference and creating a positive impact on communities across Ireland. 

Hurleys on a field

Offer Convenient Shopping Solutions

The modern customer is ever changing, Costcutter has adapted over the years to keep up the new customer habits. Our stores provide a convenient shopping experience in our bright and accessible stores throughout the country providing everything you need at and good value for money. 

Over 100 Stores Across Ireland

Costcutter has expanded and prospered over the years,  there is now over 100 stores across Ireland. These stores are independently owned and run by local people committed to offering our customers a great product range at excellent prices. 

Fundraised €1000s for Multiple Irish Charities

Over the past 21 years Costcutter has worked hard to help with much needed fundraising for multiple Irish charities such as The Irish Cancer Society, Crumlin Children’s Hospital and Irish Society for Autism to name but a few. We look forward to working and doing our bit to help and support these charities and many more in the years to come. 

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