Celebrating Success: Highlights from the Barry Group Conference

A Gathering of Industry Leaders In September, our parent company, the Barry Group, hosted their much-anticipated annual event, the Barry Group Conference. This prestigious conference brought together the brightest minds in the retail industry. It showcased the remarkable achievements of our network of stores, with winners ranging from Baile Na Habhann to Windy Arbour. This event was not just a conference but a celebration of the hard work and dedication of all our stores.

Standout Performances and Awards

Overall Winner: Baile Na Habhann Dominates Baile Na Habhann emerged as the undisputed star of the event, clinching the coveted title of “Overall Winner.” Their victory is a shining example of their unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of their operation.

Best Forecourt: Bishopstown Sets New Standards Bishopstown didn’t just win; they redefined excellence by securing the title of “Best Forecourt.” Their exceptional service, immaculate cleanliness, and outstanding product offerings set them apart in a competitive category.

Best Deli: Killeagh’s Culinary Mastery Killeagh took home the “Best Deli” award, a testament to their delicious and fresh deli offerings. Their commitment to providing customers with a top-tier experience has rightfully earned them this accolade.

Best Full Off Licence: Carndonagh’s Impressive Selection Carndonagh claimed the title of “Best Full Off Licence.” Their impressive selection of alcoholic beverages ensures that customers always have a wide range of choices.

Exceptional Bakery Skills: Three-Way Tie for Excellence The “Best Bakery” category saw an unprecedented three-way tie, with Ennis Road, Carnew, and Carndonagh each earning the title. Their delectable creations have clearly won the hearts of bakery enthusiasts.

Best Wine Stores: Lisduff’s Diverse Selection Lisduff stood out by earning the award for “Best Wine Stores.” Their comprehensive selection caters to every wine connoisseur’s taste, offering a diverse range of options.

Best Local Initiative: Carnew’s Community Commitment Carnew was recognized for their dedication to local initiatives, earning them the “Best Local Initiative” award. Their commitment to the community showcases their role as more than just a store but as a vital part of local life.

A Bright Future for the Retail Industry

The Barry Group Conference was more than an event; it was a testament to the excellence and innovation within the retail industry. These well-deserved winners have set high standards for others to follow, serving as an inspiration to all in the business world. We eagerly anticipate the continued success and growth of our businesses and extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners!

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