Celebrating the Legacy of Doherty’s Costcutter Mulranny

A recent event at Doherty’s Costcutter Mulranny marked a significant milestone as the store unveiled its new Costcutter look and feel. The store, steeped in rich history and community ties, has been a hub in the area since its establishment in 1920 as a garage, shop, and licensed premises.

Evolution Through Generations
Through the years, the store has evolved under the stewardship of dedicated owners, with the current generation represented by Rona Moran and her husband Martin Moran. From expanding the shop’s footprint to adding valuable services like a post office, the family’s commitment to growth and development shines through. The original signage proudly hangs over the door, a testament to 104 years of tradition.

A Beacon of Community Support
As a fourth-generation business, Doherty’s Costcutter Mulranny continues to be the beating heart of the community. Building on the trust and relationships fostered over the years, the store remains a pillar of support for local clubs and charities. The store’s involvement in various community events and initiatives showcases its unwavering dedication to the area.

Embracing Change with Uniqueness
Adapting to changing consumer preferences and market trends, the store has innovated its services to cater to a diverse customer base. From offering a range of deli meals, a full off-license, and even home delivery services, the store has continually evolved with the evolving demands of the community. Their proximity to the Wild Atlantic Way Greenway has brought in a new wave of customers, with the store now catering to cyclists and walkers alike.

Looking Towards the Future
With future plans in mind, the store aims to build on its legacy within the community and further enhance its rebrand. The dedicated staff, comprising over 40 local individuals, play a vital role in the store’s success. Bridget, the long-serving manager, and other team members contribute to the store’s warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Exciting New Offerings
The extended off-licence, improved deli offerings, and expanded space for treats like Freezi Licks promise a delightful shopping experience for all who step through the doors. With new additions like Urban Sips coffee and plans for iced coffees, Doherty’s Costcutter Mulranny continues to innovate and delight customers.

Discover the Services Available
• Post Office
• Bill Pay
• Urban Sips
• Freezi Licks
• Market St Deli
• 55th Street Off Licence

As Doherty’s Costcutter Mulranny embarks on its next chapter, the store remains dedicated to serving the community and building on its strong foundation of tradition, service, and warmth.
Join us in celebrating the past, present, and future of Doherty’s Costcutter Mulranny!

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