Costcutter Dunmanway – New Store, New Brand, Same Great Offering!

Step into Dunmanway’s revamped Costcutter, and you’ll instantly feel the buzz of something fresh and exciting. Under the ownership of Chris Curtin, the local store has undergone a remarkable transformation.

With Costcutter’s recent makeover, Chris has given the store a fresh vibe and a clear purpose, making it a lively spot for folks in Dunmanway. It’s not just about changing how it looks; it’s about turning Costcutter into a place where everyone can hang out with new additions to the store such as Market Street Deli, Urban Sips Coffee and Freezi Licks Ice Cream.

Dunmanway is deeply involved in community support and charitable endeavours. Chris sponsors numerous charities, clubs, and events, reflecting his commitment to making a positive impact beyond his storefront. His dedicated support of Dunmanway Tidy Towns showcases his commitment to environmental sustainability. Additionally, he donates damaged or surplus goods to local charities, ensuring resources are utilized efficiently and benefiting those in need.

Looking ahead, the store has some exciting plans to further cement its legacy within the community. Firstly, there’s a commitment to fully sponsor club jerseys, demonstrating ongoing support for local sports teams and fostering a sense of pride among players and fans alike. Additionally, the store aims to enhance its presence in the square by creating more commercial units on the premises. This expansion could bring in more foot traffic, injecting new life into the area while potentially offering amenities like offices or a gym. Not only would this benefit the local economy, but it could also create additional job opportunities, further strengthening the store’s ties to the community and contributing to its continued success.

As the doors swing open to welcome customers old and new, one thing is clear: this isn’t just a store opening; it’s the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Dunmanway.

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