Costcutter Mountbellew – Celebrating 100 Years in the Community

Costcutter Mountbellew, a store that has been at the heart of its local community since 1923, is celebrating its 100-year anniversary.

When Thomas Cunningham first built the store, it was a modest general merchant shop, offering groceries, hardware, and drapery. But it was his son, Paul, who took the reins and transformed it into a modern self-service supermarket in 1967, bringing convenience and a new shopping experience to the town. Today, under the capable management of Tomas Cunningham, Costcutter Mountbellew continues to evolve and thrive. In 2001, they proudly joined the Costcutter franchise, further enhancing their offerings and services.

Throughout their century-long journey, they have achieved significant milestones and received recognition for their dedication to excellence. Awards like the Costcutter Off Licence of the Year in 2016 and the Best Managed Store award in 2018, reinforce their commitment to providing the best for their community.

On top of its commitment to retail excellence, Costcutter Mountbellew is a key supporter of the local community. Every year, they support various causes through events like their annual book sale, raising over €2,000 for charitable organizations. Currently, they are collecting donations for St. Vincent de Paul, making a difference in the lives of those in need. They also proudly sponsor jerseys for the MountBellew/Moylough Junior GAA Team, empowering local clubs, and organizations.
Their commitment to community engagement extends beyond financial contributions. They actively participate in events and initiatives that strengthen their bonds with organizations like the District Development Association, the Mountbellew Smart Village initiative, local schools, and various community clubs. And during the challenging times of the pandemic, they stepped up to provide free shopping deliveries to those who could not leave their homes, ensuring that no one in the community was left without essential supplies.

Costcutter Mountbellew has become more than just a store—it is a cherished part of its community. It represents resilience, unity, and a shared sense of belonging. We are proud to have it within our collective of stores and wider community, and we look forward to watching its legacy continue for generations to come.
Join us in celebrating 100 Years in the Community.

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