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Tuna Burger - By Daniel Lambert

Tuna Burger by Daniel Lambert

Ingredients: John West Tinned Tuna 200g Homestead Sweetcorn canned 50g Breadcrumbs 50g Cumin Garlic Tomatoes Salt & Pepper Brennan’s Burger Buns Tartare Sauce (Make Separately) Dill 2 tablespoons mayo 4 large Gherkins chopped finely Salt Pepper Costcutter 3 eggs Odlum’s Flour 20g MBF Milk 20ml 1 Onion (diced) Lettuce Red onion Tomatoes Avocado Costcutter dressing Vegetable …

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Banoffe Pie

Banoffee Pie

Ingredients: Carnation Condensed Milk/Instant Tinned Caramel Goodall’s Vanilla Extract Bananas Avonmore Double Cream 500ml Cabdury Chocolate Shavings Kerrygold 120g Butter McVities 150g Digestive Biscuits Method: First things first, you need to melt the butter and mix it with the crushed digestive biscuits. Using the biscuit mix, create a base in a 25cm spring form cake …

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